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Yoga is often considered too feminine and identical with women. These negative stigma quite natural in the United States and makes most guys in there making distance from yoga.

However, in recent years, nearly 50% of those who come to yoga class is man. Well, to make man feel more comfortable during yoga exercise, a yoga class in there open new program class called broga.


Broga stand for Bro Yoga and it is a variation of yoga which have been customized and its exercise are specifically for men.

Ms. V or we used to vagina, could get loose, why and is it normal? Yes it is. Based on research vagina could get loosen because of giving birth, and its reducing up to 50% of vagina muscle and your pelvis muscle.

Too frequent having sex, also cause the same issues. Instead of reducing sex satisfaction, its also causing health issues such as urine pressure and uterus prolaps.

Basically there are three ways you could do, which are:

Lets continue with last four yoga pose exercise that able to tighten your abs muscle.

Shoulder stand pose

Shoulder stand is targeting on the part all over your body and adds significantly to strength using shoulder stand position. Although it requires a little more concentration and attention, the pose is very helpful in strengthening and streamlining the abdominal muscles. Although it is a bit complicated, the pose show incredible result for toning your body and flatten the abdomen by removing excess fat in your belly.

Yoga are known as an effective gymnastic exercise to drop few pounds and keep your body healthier. If you dreaming about slim down your body and makes your abs muscles around the abdomen stronger? then yoga is the answer. The following yoga movements helps burn excess fat in the abdominal area and waist so as to tighten the muscles in your abdominal area, and other parts of your body. Consulting to your personal trainer might be a good idea, but for some people, it requires extra cost, and that’s when yoga took those opportunity.

The following Yoga poses are beneficial to tighten your abs muscles. Lets check it out below:
1. Cobra pose

How to get muscle abs, for men specifically, then muscle abs is something the dream of, though not all men are pursuing them. How about for girls, yes some might interested on it, but majorly women are looking for slim abs.

There are rumors that to get muscle abs, you need to drop your weight few more pounds, then its easier to build the muscle. For me I think there’s something logical about that statement, but how do you explained some people who able to build their abs muscle without dropping their weight.

The answer is in choosing the correct exercise and of course controlling your food. Junk food obviously not allowed.

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